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An Essay:

Good Grades to Play

 “Now days on most athletic teams either for school or recreational sports you must have good grades to play.  Mostly in schools this is enforced.  I have played on a recreational basketball and baseball team where the coaches wanted to see our grades.  I thought that was real smart move on the coaches’ part.  I have been on a school football team and a school baseball team and have seen the effects of coaches’ checking grades.  In some cases it can help people and also hurt some.  I have seen players be temporarily suspended until they can pull their grades back up.  I have also seen players kicked off the team for having bad grades.  For most players it is motivation to study and do their work and earn good grades so they can play their sport.  Most coaches’ will let a player stay after school and miss a little bit of practice to work with a teacher.  I feel that schools and other organizations are trying to help students that play sports keep their focus on school work and not just on sports. Having good grades will also help athletes receive scholarships if they want to go on to college and play their sport.  So far this process is working and it will continue to help athletes succeed in school.”

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